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Online Understanding HACCP Training Course - This is a level 2 course

Food safety management systems based on HACCP principles are regarded as the most effective method of preventing food-borne illness. Since 2006 HACCP has become part of food safety law in the UK, EU, the USA and many other developed countries.

Although developed by senior management, HACCP systems are implemented as part of the day to day activities of the food workers. It is therefore vital that those carrying out activities understand the basics of HACCP, the aims of HACCP systems and have the knowledge and understanding to carry out their role in HACCP correctly.

The course is interesting and engaging and although this subject is complex, the course will help anyone to understand the essentials of the topic.

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Online HACCP Training Course Overview

This course provides 2 points towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Online HACCP Training Course is divided into 5 lessons, the lesson headings are:

  • Measuring cold storage or freezer temperatures
  • Checking cooking temperatures and times
  • Using probe thermometers
  • Completing records
  • Taking corrective actions

Users of the online HACCP training course overview will be allowed to spend as much time as they require studying the course. As an indicator only, if the user ran straight through the course without stopping or repeating pages, it would take about 2 – 2.5 hours.

Level 2Assessment Process
Foof Hygiene certification validation