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Food Allergy Awareness Training:
Online Allergen Course

Allergic reactions and intolerances to all substances, but particularly foods, are increasing in the population. It is estimated that 6-8% of children and 3-4% of adults have a food allergy, which is an abnormal reaction of the body’s immune system. The severity of an allergic reactions ranges from annoying and uncomfortable, to the extreme form, anaphylaxis which can cause death.

It can be a matter of life and death for certain individuals to purchase food products, or eat in cafés and restaurants. When they ask "is this free from nuts?" They need a positive answer. It must be nut free if it says it is. This places responsibility on food production to guard against contamination, and knowledge to ensure that if asked, staff would know all 14 named allergens and if they were present in the food they were producing, preparing, or selling. To achieve this, they must receive excellent training, to perform to the standards that are set by management. This allergen awareness course will help all your staff to achieve the highest standards.

Changes to food labelling have been applied. from December 13th 2014. This legislation has required changes to all labels to enable customers make clear choices about the foods they eat. This legislation also applies to food not pre-packed and therefore affects those preparing meals in restaurants, hotel, cafes and bars.

Staff will need to know and understand what the 14 main allergens are, and why allergen containing food must be handled so carefully. This is a critically important food allergy training course.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) says in clause 5.29, issue 6 of the global standards "all relevant personnel, including engineers, temporary staff and contractors, shall have received general allergen awareness training"

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Online Allergen Awareness Training cert
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This Allergen Awareness course has been updated to include the EU Food Information to Consumers Regulations which has been enforceable by law from December 2014, and should be a mandatory part of induction and standard training for all staff in the food industry, hospitality and care sectors.

Who should take this Food Allergy Awareness Training Course?

  • Staff working in food manufacture
  • Staff who work in hospitality
  • Staff who retail food
  • Those involved in transporting food
  • All maintenance workers in food production areas
  • Chefs, cooks and all kitchen staff

Food Allergy Training Course Overview

This course provides 1 points towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and has a duration of approximatly 1 - 1.5 hours

This Food Allergy Training Course has being split into a number of different modules to aid the learner as they move through the course. Here is a full list of all of the modules that are covered in this course:-

  • What are allergens?
  • What is an allergic reaction?
  • Symptoms of allergic reactions
  • The main non-food allergens
  • The main food allergens
  • The main categories of food hazards
  • Allergenic hazards, a new pre-requisite for HACCP

  • Preventing cross-contamination
  • Allergen handling PPE
  • The stages of production
  • Separation of products
  • Deliveries, storage, weighing, food production and packaging
  • The December 2014 legislation
  • Menu production and implications
Level 2Assessment Process
Foof Hygiene certification validation