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Level 3 Food Safety and Hygiene for Supervisors

This Level 3 Food Safety course has been designed specifically for supervisors and managers in the food industry, along with other senior staff. The online course will help those in the food industry to understand their daily responsibilities.

A Level 3 Food Safety training provides high levels of information covering good food hygiene practices and the legal responsibilities of those who manage others in the handling of food, to ensure that food remains safe to eat.

  • Ideal for Catering, Retail or Manufacturing
  • Meets UK & EU legal food-handler requirements
  • Certificate on successful course completion
  • Online learning, train at your own pace
  • Course approximately 6 - 7 hours
  • Unlimited resits at no extra cost

One of the key factors responsible for incidents of foodborne illness is the lack of understanding of safe food hygiene practices. If you put into practice the food safety principles set out in this course, consumers of your products should not become food poisoning statistics.

Ready to gain your Food Hygiene Certificate online?

Who is this level 3 food safety and hygiene for?

This food safety training course is suitable for business owners, managers and supervisors in all types of food-handling businesses. Establishments such as Cafes, bars, fast food outlets, takeaways, restaurants, hospitals and schools will benefit from this online course.

An essential part of a manager's and supervisor's role is to understand their legal responsibilities and effectively supervise the implementation of safe and hygienic food practices in business, ensuring all food-handlers follow them. They must comply with the provisions of Regulation (EC) 852/2004 of the European Parliament on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs.


On successful completion of the course assessment, the candidate will be able to print/save their certificate. In addition to this, an email is sent to the candidate containing a link to the certificate.

How long does a Food Hygiene Certificate last?
A Food Hygiene Certificate does not have an expiry date or run out, however we advise you to refresh your knowledge every 3 years. This ensures you keep up to date with the latest food safety and hygiene legislation.

A versatile Food Hygiene Certificate
Once you obtain a level 3 food safety certificate you are able to use this as proof of training. If you plan to change supervisory job roles you can use this food hygiene certificate across several food sectors such as in retail, catering or manufacturing.

Environmental Health Officer Approved

The content for this course has been approved by Environmental Health Officers and developed in accordance to their guidelines. Obtaining a Food Hygiene Certificate clearly shows that supervisors or business owners are able to ensure staff are appropriately trained when it comes to handling food in all manners.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD Certified Course

All of Train4Food courses are certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to universally accepted CPD guidelines .

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The online assessment for the course consists of 45 multiple choice questions. In order to be successful, candidates must achieve a 75% pass mark (34 or above) to obtain the certificate. The assessment is timed and

If you do happen to fail this course then don't worry! We offer unlimited resits at no extra cost. Simply contact our support team to reset the course for you.

Course content overview

This food hygiene course for supervisors aims to provide you the level of knowledge and understanding you will need to carry out your role effectively to ensure compliance with the relevant regulation (Regulation (EC) No 852/2004), which states that all staff who handles food must be trained to the highest standards by providing the level of detailed knowledge relating to food safety practices and principles.

It explains how to promote best practice in the day to day running of the workplace and its importance. This includes the basics of implementing an effective HACCP food safety management system.

Our course content summary includes:

  • 1. Introduction to Food Safety & Microbiology Covers food safety principles and factors responsible for incidents of foodborne illnesses.

  • 2. Food-safety Hazards & their Control Covers how to identify the different types of food safety hazards, including the four main groups, which are biological, chemical, physical and allergenic.

  • 3. Food Poisoning & Food Borne Illnesses It looks at food poisoning and foodborne illnesses, what factors are responsible for outbreaks, the symptoms and the control measures that can be put in place to minimise the risk of infection.

  • 4. Personal Hygiene It looks at good hygiene practices to help ensure that when handling food, food-handlers do not become a source of contamination.

  • 5. Cleaning & Disinfection Covers how to carry out effective cleaning and disinfection of equipment and facilities while following the relevant health and safety precautions to ensure the safe use of chemicals.

  • 6. Waste Control It looks at the types of waste in a food environment.

  • 7. Pests & their Control It looks at signs of pest infestation, how pests can become food safety hazards and the actions that should be taken where pest infestations exist by using good housekeeping techniques.

  • 8. Food Premises & Food Equipment. Before commercial food-handling operations can begin, the intended premises must be suitable and approved by the enforcement authority (environmental health).

  • 9. Food Storage & Temperature Control Covers the importance of following best hygiene practices and guidelines relating to the safe storage, transportation and temperature control of different types of foods to ensure food remains safe for consumption.

  • 10. Food Packaging, Labelling & Traceability Designed to help you to understand how and why we package and label food to keep food safe for the consumer.

  • 11.Food Preservation It looks at how yeasts, moulds and bacteria can cause the decomposition and spoilage of foods, which can make food unfit for human consumption.

  • 12. Food Safety Management It looks at the seven principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) as a food safety management system and the benefits of implementing it effectively.

  • 13. Food Hygiene Legislation Designed to give you a good understanding of the principal food hygiene legislation that applies to the UK and its relationship to European Community law.

Course Overview

Course outcome

Once the learner has completed the course they will:

  • Explain your responsibilities as a manager or supervisor of food-handlers
  • Understand the responsibilities that a supervisor or manager holds in a food business
  • Know the importance of preventing foodborne illness and the impact it has legally
  • Maintain a good knowledge of the risks surrounding bacteria and how it can affect food
  • Recognise the importance of ensuring food handlers maintain good personal hygiene
  • Know the 14 main food allergens and how to handle them safely
  • Understand the importance of preventing contamination and cross-contamination
  • Know how to dispose of waste safely and its importance
  • Understand how to thoroughly and correctly disinfect and clean food work surfaces and equipment
  • Recognise the importance of maintaining a successful HACCP system
  • Recognise the safe temperatures for storing, cooking and freezing food safely


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Level 3 Award in Supervising Food Safety
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