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Level 1 Food Hygiene and Safety in Retail

This Basic Food Hygiene Training course is simple but effective and meets all audit and inspection requirements.

Once a food product is ready, the most common route to market is via a retail outlet or shop. All employees must be trained to ensure that the food they have delivered maintains its quality before sale and is stored and handled under optimum conditions. This is a complex subject and employees must be aware of the requirements to keep it fresh e.g. temperature controlled storage, shelf life, stock rotation and many other topics. Food must be kept free from contamination and a principle source of contamination is food handlers.

It is essential that retailers receive good training to be able to consistently perform to high food safety standards through understanding.

Basic Food Hygiene Training Overview

This course provides 1 points towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

This is the easiest most cost effective way to achieve training compliance. The Basic Food Hygiene Training course has an introduction and eleven further sections, focussing on learners involved in the retail industry. Each section contains an activity intended to highlight and re-enforce the learning.

Holders of this level 1 awareness of Food Safety for Retail will have knowledge and understanding of the importance of keeping themselves clean, the food product hygienic and will understand the importance of maintaining good food handling practices.

For those handling low risk or unwrapped food it may be all the training needed, or for those wishing to progress to level 2 Food Safety in Retail, it will form the basis of learning for achievement at level 2.

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Course Info: 1.5 - 2 Hours | Multiple Choice Questions | Unlimited FREE Resits

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