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HACCP Training Level 3 Managing HACCP in Manufacturing & Retail

This HACCP training level 3 for manufactures and retailers is essential for supervisors, managers, and those wishing to progress into those roles. It is also desirable for HACCP team members who will play key roles in the implementation of HACCP systems.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a pro-active food safety management system aimed at identifying food hazards before they adversely affect the food we manufacture and sell. This system, a legislative requirement in the UK, is designed to ensure that foods pose the least possible risk to consumer health.

Implementing a HACCP system can also bring benefits to your business, insuring the food you produce is always fit for sale, which in itself will help boost customer confidence and profits.

HACCP is based on 7 principles. This course explains the principles behind HACCP and the step by step processes required to implement a HACCP system. covering the practical application of implementing the system.

HACCP Training Level 3 Managing HACCP in Manufacturing & Retail Overview

This course provides 2 points towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Introduction
  • Legal requirements of HACCP
  • Pre-requsite stages
  • The 5 preparatory steps of HACCP
  • The seven principles of HACCP

  • The practicle application of the principles through the 12 steps
  • Conducting a hazard analysis
  • Conducting a hazard analysis
  • Identifying CCP’s

Users of the HACCP Level 3 intermediate Course will be allowed to spend as much time as they require studying the course. There is no need to rush. As an indicator only, if the user ran straight through the course without stopping or repeating pages, it would take about 4 – 6 hours.

Don't worry about failing. We provide unlimited free resits. Simply contact our support team and we'll happily reset the course for you.

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