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HACCP Level 3 Training in Managing HACCP

This HACCP Level 3 training in Managing HACCP is essential for supervisors, managers, and those wishing to progress into those roles. It is also desirable for HACCP team members who will play key roles in the implementation of HACCP systems.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a pro-active food safety management system aimed at identifying food hazards before they adversely affect the food we manufacture and sell. This system, a legislative requirement in the UK, is designed to ensure that foods pose the least possible risk to consumer health.

Here are some of the reasons our HACCP Level 3 training course is one of the best in the industry.

  • Compliance with EU Regulation
  • Online learning, train at your own pace
  • Certificate on successful completion
  • Course approximately 4 - 6 hours
  • Unlimited resits at no further cost
  • CPD Certified Course

Implementing a HACCP system can also bring benefits to your business, insuring the food you produce is always fit for sale, which in itself will help boost customer confidence and profits.

Ready to gain your HACCP Level 3 Certificate in Managing?

Who should take a Level 3 HACCP course?

This course is ideal for those who work in a managerial or supervisory role and would like to expand their training on HACCP.

HACCP is based on 7 principles. This course explains the principles behind HACCP and the step by step processes required to implement a HACCP system. It covers the practical application of implementing the system.


Our HACCP Level 3 online course is a Certified CPD Course.

On successful completion of the course assessment, the candidate will be able to print/save their certificate. In addition to this, an email is sent to the candidate containing a link to the certificate.

How long does a Level 3 in HACCP Certificate last?
A Food Hygiene Certificate does not have an expiry date, however we advise you to refresh your knowledge every 3 years. This ensures you keep up to date with the latest food safety and hygiene legislation.

Environmental Health Officer Approved

Our HACCP Level 3 in Managing training course has been approved by Environmental Health Officers with its content developed in accordance to their guidelines, which means you can be sure you’re receiving the right training for your role.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD Certified Course

All of Train4Food courses are certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to universally accepted CPD guidelines .

This Level 3 HACCP provides 4 points towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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The online assessment for the course consists of 45 multiple choice questions. In order to be successful, candidates must achieve a 75% pass mark to obtain the certificate.

The average time required to complete the learning is approximately 4 - 6 hours. However the course is designed to go at the pace of the learner and can be completed in more time if needed.

If you don’t pass the assessment first time there is no need to worry. We offer you unlimited resists at no further cost to make sure that you pass and get your certificate in HACCP Level 3 training, stress free.

Course content overview

When taking part in our Managing HACCP course, you will cover the following modules:

  • Food Safety Management and HACCP This module explores what HACCP is; it’s origins and how it was developed. It looks at Codex HACCP guidelines and why it is important to implement effective HACCP systems into a food business.
  • Food Safety Hazards and Their Control This module works as an introduction to food safety hazards and contaminants. It looks at how to prevent contamination and the survival of multiplication of pathogens in food.
  • Prerequisite programmes (PRPs) This module covers Prerequisite Programmes (PRPs) and how to develop, design and implement effective PRPs as part of a HACCP system.
  • Preliminary steps to developing a HACCP plan This module concentrates on the five preliminary steps to HACCP, such as how to assemble a HACCP team, identifying high-risk groups and environments, and other essential steps to developing a HACCP plan.
  • Steps 6 to 12 of the Codex Twelve Step Logic Sequence This module is split into 7 sections concentrating on the codex principles. It looks at what each principle entails and how to implement these controls in a successful HACCP system.

Course Overview

Course Aims

Once the learner has completed the course, they will be able to:

  • • Understand the principles of HACCP and its importance within food safety management comprehensively
  • Know the preliminary steps to writing a successful HACCP plan
  • Know the importance of substantiating HACCP documentation and what is included
  • Understand food hygiene laws and HACCP regulations and their importance to food safety
  • Know what Critical Control Points (CCPs) are and how to implement them
  • Know the 14 main food allergens and how to handle them safely
  • Understand the importance of preventing contamination and cross-contamination in HACCP systems
  • Identify food safety hazards and be able to control them effectively
  • Understand the importance of implementing prerequisite programmes (PRPs)


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HACCP Level 3 in Managing
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