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Achieve an Accredited Food Hygiene Certificate with our Great Online Training Courses

Food Hygiene Packages & Other Courses

When new starters begin, they often require a number of training courses when they start their employment.

Purchasing a selection of courses tailor made to meet their job role will prove more economical and allow you to ensure staff have the best possible package for their career path.

  • Managers & Supervisors Package

    Most people agree that the role of supervisor is crucial to a successful business, forming a bridge between those who devise systems and those who operate them.

    Supervisors have a vital instruction role and therefore must thoroughly understand all systems and procedures in order to cascade instructions to workers.

    This Managers & Supervisors Package covers the essensials for:

    • Level 2 Food Hygiene
    • Level 3 Food Safety
    • Managing HACCP Level 3
    • Health & Safety for Food Workers
    • Managing Disinfection and Hygiene
    • Allergen Awareness or Allergen Awareness Manufacture

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  • 5s - Lean Management

    Just in time systems streamline production and save money. This course simplifies the concepts to help staff where these systems are being implemented.

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